The DANCEMOB troupe want to be positive mentors for our youth and aim to instill in students a new way of expressing themselves that will help them achieve health and fitness, as well as bringing meaning and direction to their lives.


Company Overview

DANCEMOB is a fusion of high-energy dance routines for young Australians that injects fun into fitness as well as to entertain. The end goal is to perform a thrilling, exciting live dance extravaganza with all choreographed routines you have learned and led by the DANCEMOB troupe.

The troupe consists of three professional dance and fitness mentors, each contributing their expertise and personal styles, thus combining diverse dance and fitness themes into DANCEMOB. The performances are matched with exclusive costumes, uplifting music and special effects, adding another creative dimension to the dance experience.

The benefits of DANCEMOB are manifold: it will help you get fit, encourage you to express yourself creatively and you will have fun doing it together with others and sharing it with an audience.

As you dance, you will discover the rhythm of your body and feel the power of connection with everyone else. Your inhibitions will fly out the window. It is an exhilarating feeling as you move and push your body forward in this most fundamental form of human expression.

Once you have learned your routines, you will want to perform them and indulge in the spectacle of colour that the costumes bring. Before you know it, DANCEMOB will be waking up everyone around you to the joy of the moment and multiple experiences, and you will have a hand in making that happen.

DANCEMOB engages everyone in dance, regardless of ability or experience and helps everyone discover their inner dancer, their creative spirit, the artiste within, the joy of living, as well as cross train for life.

And you don’t have to say a word. JUST DANCE!

We provide young Australians with support and a safe environment to encourage imagination and creativity using the power of music and the freedom of dance. DanceMOB is designed to inspire, share experiences and teach the fundamentals of developing self-confidence through dance and fitness, with the hope of encouraging a life long commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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