Dagogo was born to be an entertainer!

Born in Nigeria on the west coast of Africa Dagogo recalls reacting to movie stars, singers and rap music by mimicking them, learning monologs and often making witty remarks. From a very young age he was told that he was destined to be a great entertainer. Nothing could be more true!

Dagogo’s talent was enhanced and continued to blossom through his involvement in the choir and performances at functions.

As he grew older, Dagogo had aspirations to study law and wanted to become a lawyer but the music called to him and he couldn’t deny his talent and love for music and dance. Recognised for his many talents he was approached by a local boy band dance group. Being a talented vocalist Dagogo first joined the group as a rap artist and rapped the beats for the dance group. Watching and learning the dance moves, Dagogo worked hard and soon further developed his natural ability to dance. It wasn’t long before his hard work paid off and another opportunity came along – Dagogo was asked to join a professional dance company.

Dagogo’s talents have taken him all over the world, teaching and performing in more than 15 countries. He has received wide acclaim for his show stopping talents including 2 times Couples Dance Champion and Runner Up in the Let’s Dance West Africa.

As an in demand and accomplished choreographer, Dagogo has choreographed and taught dance creative development classes in more than 50 schools and choreographed productions made up of more than 1,000 people for various carnivals, events and shows. His work has featured in numerous musical productions.

Notorious for his creative choreography Dagogo’s strengths make him an incredibly inspiring and fun dance teacher. Dagogo always aims to make a student’s day just a little brighter. He always gets the best out of the students as he brings inspiration, drama, dance and oh so much personality.

Australia is so lucky and is a better place for having the likes of Dagogo inspiring the youth of today – DANCEMOB is very proud to present the multitalented Dagogo.



Are you ready to entertain? Enter the journey of becoming an A-star performer & learn to ‘Dance like a Movie”. Dagogo will bring out the best dancer in students, through his fun & electric choreography that leaves them oozing with confidence as they captivate audiences.

Dagogo incorporates all of his dance expertise in styles from hip hop to Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary to all modern and cultural forms of dance & even singing to put on a spectacular show with his students. It is best described as “where all dance styles meet”. It is full of life, expression, personality, fun, and it enhances boldness, creativity with such theatrics display of energy.