Michael Fox, also known as Bboy Flyin’ Foxy, started break dancing in 1999 and began teaching break dancing in 2006.

As his name suggests, Flyin’ Foxy is best known for his high flying tricks, power moves and flips.

A qualified personal trainer with a certificate in nutrition, Foxy believes in educating the next generation in healthy living through dance. With over 17 years of dancing experience, Foxy is truly passionate about sharing his love for dancing with the youth of today.

Foxy works with students to first ensure a thorough understanding of the basics before progressing students onto more advanced moves.

With titles such as Australian Break Dance Champion in 2011 and Runner Up at R16 Oceania 2014 Foxy is well known as one of Australia’s best and most renowned break dancer. Since conquering the competitive scenes, Foxy has since made it his mission to unite the hip hop community by establishing Melbourne Break Dance; a business dedicated to the preservation of hip hop culture and events.

Since joining DANCEMOB in 2016, Foxy has continued to wow students as they discover their own individual capabilities and push through barriers they didn’t know they could. Wicked beats and spectacular moves, it doesn’t take long for students to fall in love with break dancing!

DANCEMOB is proud to work with the incredibly talented Flyin’ Foxy.

Michael Fox


Our carefully selected BBoy is the guru of tricks and as his name suggests flyin’. Students will be left wanting more after being exposed to this popular style. Breakdancing is a style of acrobatic dancing originating in the mid-1970s, often performed to funk music, and characterized by intricate footwork, pantomime, and power moves such as headpins and windmills, tumbling, and elaborate improvised virtuosic movements.

Even though breakdancing is a street style, Foxy promotes discipline and healthy living while transforming students into a cool BBOY or BGIRL.