In order for kids to adopt a positive mindset to fitness and encourage a lifelong commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, we need to provide them with diverse ways to exercise, offering an alternative to traditional sport or workout routines.

Exercise shouldn’t be looked upon as overwhelming or in a negative way, nor should it pressure you to conform to a certain sport or workout. Take the competition out of fitness and instead provide an atmosphere which allows young people to create their own fitness journey with the support of their peers.

DANCEMOB will prove helpful in ensuring fun and well-run classes. The bottom line is that if you have fun with the kids, they will have fun –with you.


While parents and teachers are responsible for the personal growth of the youth today, other positive role models in children’s lives can make a difference and that is what DANCEMOB hopes to achieve.

The DANCEMOB troupe want to be positive mentors for our youth and aim to instill in students a new way of expressing themselves that will help them achieve health and fitness, as well as bringing meaning and direction to their lives.

Unfortunately, many people and schools are unsure how to incorporate knowledge and fun physical activities into a class setting. But not anymore! There is a concept that ticks all the boxes – it is called DANCEMOB.

This is where the DANCEMOB troupe comes in!

DANCEMOB has been created based on the fundamentals of what kids innately love to do: HAVING FUN – instead of enduring the high pressure of trying to keep up with their teammates.

How do they do this?
By combining both dance and fitness in a non-competitive group class, and thus still fostering genuine interaction.

6 Reasons YOUR school should incorporate DANCEMOB:

  • Aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Health & PE
  • Encourages Genuine Interaction
  • Non – Competitive Alternative to Team Sport
  • Injects Fun into Fitness
  • Stimulates Positive Association to Health & Fitness
  • Easily Incorporated School Fitness Program



Performing Arts Elective for Year 8 & 9

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243 We were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with Altona P-9 College and embrace the DANCEMOB concept with the school and its students. The school implemented our program as a Performing Arts Elective for Year 8 & 9 students. The students were led by the DANCEMOB troupe, who each taught and worked with the students over two terms.

The troupe worked with the students once a week for two hours to teach them Hip Hop, Latin Dance & Combat Fitness. Each troupe member worked with the students separately in order for them to immerse themselves in each style of dance properly, therefore developing each technique and section of the program to the best of their abilities.

It was a great way for the students to get to know each troupe member on a personal level, whilst giving the kids the opportunity to work with each other as a group to build confidence and build their social development. At the end of the term, the students began rehearsing the routines as a collective group, in order to put on a spectacular performance for their peers, teachers and parents.

Each style of the performance brought a different rhythm, choreography and skill set that the students rehearsed with so much commitment and motivation and it was extremely rewarding for all involved to see the students embrace the program with such excitement and gratification. 244

Review Altona College

We initiated a new electives program to motivate and inspire our middle year’s students. DANCEMOB met the brief, engaging and challenging them, igniting passion and creativity.  Our group included students new to dance and those with experience. They all embraced the challenges and their confidence gradually developed and then shone when they performed  a thrilling, live extravaganza of routines including Latin Dance, Hip Hop and Club Combat for  the school community.  DANCEMOB increased fitness levels, dance skills and most importantly  instilled confidence that they take into all elements of their education. The kids can’t wait to learn new routines in 2016! DANCEMOB was exceptional, I look forward to the group continuing to shine!

– Julie Krause, Principle


DANCEMOB was created by Nikki Visaj – the founder of the Nikki Visaj™ School Incursion Programs. The concept is a reflection of Nikki’s two passions – dance & fitness – and has been developed to revolutionise dance and inspire a new generation towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Nikki’s successful incursion programs were designed to provide students with diverse ways to exercise, offering an alternative to traditional sport whist encouraging genuine interaction, fostering mutual respect and building strong self-confidence in a safe environment.

To see the full range of  Nikki Visaj™ adrenaline pumping fitness programs visit her at NIKKI VISAJ™ FITNESS INCURSIONS .