Meet Holly Tevita

Holly discovered the holistic benefits of yoga when she began practising 10 years ago for her own personal health reasons and firmly believes in its ability to uncover and transform the connection between our body, mind and spirit.

Having extensive background working with young people from all walks of life as a Social Worker, Holly is very passionate about making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of others.

Holly’s approach to yoga and fitness instructing is one that honours the importance of self awareness and mindfulness, in order to improve our overall health, wellbeing and interpersonal relations. Holly’s main aim is to help people to feel more comfortable in their own skin and develop a greater acceptance and appreciation of the present moment. Her classes are always super- friendly and incorporate breath-work, alignment, strengthening, stretching, relaxation and mindfulness.

With her experience in yoga teaching, pilates, dance, counselling, meditation & mindfulness coaching, Holly is extremely passionate about connecting with young people and supporting them along their journey to better health and wellness.

Holly loves to share her wellness knowledge with others and help students to build strength, find balance, focus within, expand awareness and bring increased responsibility to live in alignment with the true persons we came here to be.