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Kim began his dancing journey in 2008, kicking his illustrious career off as a self-taught dancer in the small border town of Wodonga.

Like what happens to many dancers, Kim was drawn to and fell in love with the unique Hip-Hop culture and it very quickly became his burning passion. It is that same passion that Kim continues to have for dancing today which has led him to want to share it with others.
Kim’s talent and abilities are endless but he loves and specialises in the art of B-boying (Breakdance) as well as various other dance styles of Hip-Hop.

Kim has been teaching his style of dancing since 2011. Before moving to Melbourne, Kim started teaching at local dance studios and schools in the rural region where he grew up. It didn’t take long before Kim took his local scene by storm bringing Hip-Hop to studios, high schools and youth camps. As a result of his dedication and passion he was nominated and awarded the Red Carpet Youth Ambassador Award of Wodonga.

As a male dancer growing up in a rural town, Kim was determined to break the small town stigma and show that he could become a very successful, well respected male dancer. Kim travelled the wider region and toured major cities doing shows, charity events and competitions. Needless to say, Kim achieved his goal, breaking any stigma attached to male dancers and cementing himself as a strong positive and inspiring role model to many young teens.

Like all the DANCEMOB members Kim truly understands just how important it is to show the youth of today that you can be anything you want to be in life. Dancing isn’t just about movement to music, it is much, much more than that and the impact dancing can have on others can be life changing. Kim says: “My aim as a teacher is to provide the right building blocks, knowledge and guidance for individuals to grow into their true style; not only as a dancer but as a person.”

Kim’s dancing has taken him to many places and DANCEMOB is thrilled to have him now residing in Melbourne as shares his passion!



Get ready to set your mind free while you pop & lock with KB.

Students will learn moves like the infamous ‘robot’, and will be encouraged to let go while still having control over their body and interrupt the music in a popping style. They will become one with the music, learning to move luidly like water or to hit hard and fast like a rock. Kim Blanza is friendly, talented and ready to share his skills with students across Australia.