| MAEL |

Meet Mael!

Mael lives and breathes what it is he does. Mael’s pure love for music, dance and culture makes him ‘one of a kind’ in every sense of the word. Mael started his dancing career as a self-taught dancer watching video clips featuring dancers that inspired him to create his very own fresh style.

Michael Jackson’s music and dance moves had a huge impact on Mael and his dancing. Now in the digital age, Mael continues to grow as a dancer by watching clips on YouTube as he loves a new challenge and pushing limits.

Mael has taken his dancing overseas and has been traveling for the last 2 years in a journey to learn more dancing and experience more culture. He is an exceptional dancers that has even competed against the very famous Les Twins (perhaps more widely known as Beyoncé’s back up dancers).

The students are in awe of Mael as he teaches them how to dance in a way like never before.

Mael is known for his fresh fashion as it compliments his dancing perfectly.



Are you ready to step into the house of Mael’s true style?

House is a dance style that is rare to come across. Limited dancers have this special vibe running through their bodies. It is fast, rhythmical and inhabits complex foot-oriented steps combined with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work. Learning the rhythm of House compliments any dancer. DANCEMOB is lucky to have found Mael to share this unique style to our young people. Mael’s cool, calm nature welcomes students to explore their inner dancer in a comfortable & safe environment. Mael’s sense and understanding of the youth helps kids identify with him and be excited to learn off this remarkable talent. Mael will have students skating’ & jacking in no time.