DANCEMOB was created by Nikki Visaj – the founder of the Nikki Visaj™ School Incursion Programs.

The concept is a reflection of Nikki’s two passions – dance & fitness – and has been developed to revolutionise dance and inspire a new generation towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Nikki’s successful incursion programs were designed to provide students with diverse ways to exercise, offering an alternative to traditional sport whilst encouraging genuine interaction, fostering mutual respect and building strong self-confidence in a safe environment.

Watching students embrace her programs, Nikki realised that the students were thriving well beyond a fitness aspect and that the benefits of dance were countless. She wanted to utilise their energy and enthusiasm and provide a performance based venture where kids could step outside the walls of PE class and create a concept where the end goal would be to perform and entertain; using the power of music and the freedom of dance.

By providing the youth of Australia an opportunity to be part of something that encourages imagination and creativity, she hopes to transform fitness into something more. Nikki believes that dance and fitness create a synergy, and this synergy is DANCEMOB.

DANCEMOB hopes to ignite the spark of well being in Australia’s youth at an early age.

The Dance Revolution is upon us and will only grow from here!