Rayson Santana was born and raised in Brazil, In the city called Salvador Da Bahia.

He started learning and practicing as a martial artist at the age of 7 and he hasn’t stopped since!

Growing up in Brazil, it didn’t take long for Rayson to realise that he had to make a choice about what he wanted to be in life. Upon reflection Rayson is certain that Capoeira saved him. It saved him emotionally, physically and professionally.

First impressions of this martial art master are clear, Capoeira Isn’t just a martial art, It is his way of life. Rayson’s dedication and devotion to Capoeira make him an athlete like no other.

At the age of 16, Rayson became the leader of a youth social project in Brazil, targeting young adults and teenagers that were suffering from varying difficult social problems. Rayson became an inspirational leader and mentor to the troubled youths. After two years of hard work and dedication Rayson was able to introduce the youths to the power of dance, music and percussion. The two year project was deemed a huge success.

Since completing the project in his native Brazil, Rayson has been travelling the world sharing his art and knowledge and performing for audiences from across the globe. Some of the theatre productions he has featured in include: Bale Folclorico Da Bahia, Born To Samba, Capoeira Knights, Warriors of Brazil, Boys from Brazil, This Is Brasil (just to name a few).

Today Rayson resides in Australia and has worked in many Indigenous communities as a youth mentor talking about leadership, life choices and Healthy through the power of his Art.

DANCEMOB is honoured to have Rayson as part of the DANCEMOB crew as he has positive influence and makes our world a better place!



Capoeira is a martial art, that involves music, dance, history anda lot of fitness In Rayson’s own words “Capoira isn’t a dance style, it is a way of life”.

By overcoming his personal struggles, he now mentors the youth of today on life choices; instructing and teaching them through the power of his work.. It is a unique style that we are proud to introduce to our DANCEMOB students.