Bannockburn Primary School is still bopping to the fantastic vibe brought on by the visit form the talented DanceMob crew. We had a terrific week having our students learn a dance from a variety of styles; Latin, hip hop, combat, Michael Jackson and more.
Our children were taken through a structured and explicitly taught choreography. They also learnt a FlashMob performance. The highlight of the week was the performance session. Here each class performed in front of the rest of the school and parents. Our stadium is still rocking from the most amazing, high energy 60 minutes I have ever seen our excited children experience. The performance ranks as a highlight of my 40 year career.
I cannot speak highly enough of Nikki and her team. They were friendly, engaging and incredibly enthusiastic. This shone through with all children and came out in their workshop and performance sessions. The TV show asked; “So you think you can dance?”, well Nikki and her team certainly ensured every child said; “Yes I can – and I LOVE it!”
The highlight for me – 84 Preps starting their routine showing ATTITUDE!
DanceMob – I can’t recommend them highly enough. They will be back with us next year,

–Rob Nelson, Principle


We initiated a new electives program to motivate and inspire our middle year’s students. DANCEMOB met the brief, engaging and challenging them, igniting passion and creativity.  Our group included students new to dance and those with experience. They all embraced the challenges and their confidence gradually developed and then shone when they performed  a thrilling, live extravaganza of routines including Latin Dance, Hip Hop and Club Combat for  the school community.  DANCEMOB increased fitness levels, dance skills and most importantly  instilled confidence that they take into all elements of their education. The kids can’t wait to learn new routines in 2016! DANCEMOB was exceptional, I look forward to the group continuing to shine!

– Julie Krause, Principle


I enjoyed learning every style, thank you guys so much for doing this with our school, it’s so much fun!

All you guys are a really big inspiration to me

Alarna is really fun! she is amazing at Salsa and learning it was really fun! She has a really col style and her teaching is super fun. She is very expressive when she dances.

- Cassie -

HIP HOP is where i feel most like myself. Minx is a awesome teacher, who really connects with the dancers. Hip Hop is a really great dance style where you get to be a really confident person and have a lot of fun.

Combat as well as any other style is very energetic. I absolutely love combat because as different as it is it’s also great for fitness. Nikki is a really motivative teacher, who is also super encouraging to the dancers.

- Kaela -

Combat - energetic, calming and something new

Hip Hop - fun, Upbeat and intricate. Sharp.
Latin, Entertaining, upbeat fast.

- Diala -